Mijas lies in Limbo but there is a light on the horizon

The good news is that in run up to the elections, Ángel Nozal is preparing for goverment and making concrete plans

Unfortunately for Mijas, the news at the moment is dominated by the rupture in the coalition between the Ruling party (Ciudadanos) and their Socialist partners (PSOE) which is in danger of leaving a political vacuum. Even if they resolve their differences, it is unlikely that there will be any significant progress in the 4 month run up to the elections. The PSOE has made a number of demands in order to save the coalition, and Ciudadanos has declared these “unacceptable”. Meanwhile, residents across the Municipality are complaining about the poor state of repair of pedestrian areas, the problems with refuse collection, and a general feeling of neglect in the urban areas, urbanisations, and the rural zones.

The good news is that in the run up to the elections, Angel Nozal is preparing for government and making concrete plans and commitments for Mijas. He has already spoken about some major infrastructural upgrades including the remodelling of the Roundabout at the start of the Camino de Coin and road lighting on the more rural stretch of the same road.

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