Only One Way Forward for Mijas

Bill Anderson, Mijas Matters

I am Scottish, but 16 year ago I chose to make Mijas my home. I am a ‘Mijeño’ by choice, not by birth. I work. I pay my taxes here, and I do my best to look after my chosen community. What is currently happening here jars on many levels. I see a government whose self interest in drawing a salary exceeds their ability to deliver on their responsibilities. For the first 9 years I lived here, I was in the end story of 32 years of Socialist government. I was resigned to the idea that ‘This is Spain and I can live with it’. Then, in 2011 came Angel Nozal, whom I voted for by the way, who showed me that things could be different. He showed me that the place where I live can be better: more organised, cleaner, safer; with a government which was more approachable, available, and which listened to what the residents needed.

Frankly, it is very hard to go back from that. This is why the last 4 years had been hard to swallow; having a government team which seems to be more interested in having their photos taken; usually by turning up to some event or other and the leaving without a trace. Mijas should not just be about spin, about false images; it should be about action; real things happening which improve the quality of life for the tax payers who pay the councillors’ salaries. Whom I vote for in the local elections is not about tradition. It is a highly emotional decision based on who has the ability to make the place I live look better, feel better, safer, and which makes me feel proud to live here. There is only one team of local politicians who have done that for me in 16 years, and that is Angel Nozal and his team.

This is also the reason why I agreed to work with him and to appear on his list for the next elections. Angel was very clear that he wanted the International Community represented on his team. I feel humbled at the idea that I can represent this community, but for those of us from other countries who live here, I want to see us being more than just net contributors financially, and to see us as contributors to the greater good of Mijas; part of the community that we have chosen as our home, and a place we feel proud to live in. The Internationals WILL swing the vote in one direction or another. We are not insignificant. In my opinion, There is no one in Mijas right now who has the ability, the imagination, and the drive to make Mijas better than Angel Nozal. Please help us to get him back into the Mayor’s Chair.

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