Mijas begins 2019 two million euros short

Municipal Auditor identified irregularities during the last financial year; there are no contract with many companies

The first Council meeting of 2019 brought the unwelcome news that 2 million euros in unpaid bills from 2018 would be paid from the 2019 budget. These bills could not be paid during the last financial year because the Municipal Auditor identified irregularities. In many cases, the services which remained unpaid because of the absence of contracts. Mijas has been without contracts with many companies, in some cases for several years. Telefonica, Vodafone, Linea Verde, Correos, Municipal lifts and many other services have no contracts. So, 2 million euros short to start the year. The other financial issue raised at the meeting was of grants to voluntary agencies, which should also have been paid in 2018. One of the casualties of this payment was 97,000 euros which had been destined for the Food Bank. Other issues raised were to do with Urban Planning and changes were approved to plans for the La Cala area. Nozal has refused to vote in favour of more Urban planning motions in this area until infrastructural issues such as vehicular access through La Cala are addressed.

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