Mijas needs stable government

We love to accuse politicians of corruption, or at least to imply corruption. Angel Nozal spoke openly at the last Council Meeting about the 8 cases he has open against him. It should be made clear that NONE of them are for corruption. All the cases are based on claims that administrative processes not being correctly followed; even those that he had nothing to do with such as the department which auctions off properties to recover debts.

What is all of this about? You may or may not be aware that Mayor Maldonado only hold this position because of a coalition agreement signed in 2015 with the winner of the elections, Angel Nozal. Maldonado broke the Pact and then went on during the following two years to break another two pacts. So, he remains in government with his 5 councillors while 20 Councillors face him in opposition. What does all of this have to do with Nozal’s Court cases. Simple, all the charges brought against him have come from Maldonado or his Ciudadanos supporters. It is not hard to understand why the 37% of the voters who voted for Nozal in 2015 are unhappy with the situation and have rallied to his support. Maldonado simply wants him out of the way as he knows that with Nozal presenting at the Ballot box, he (Maldonado) stands no chance of returning to government. In the last Council Meeting, Nozal tackled the charges against him head on, and publicly. He warned Maldonado that once one begins to play this kind of game, he could easily find himself caught in the same trap.

Mijas started 2019 with financial Chaos. Despite only having spent 70% of the 2018 budget they were unable to pay their dues and accumulated 2 million in unpaid bills. This has been par for the course for their entire mandate having accumulated 10 million over the course of their government. 10 Million euros of expenditure which has been out with the legal requirements, whilst 4 of Nozal’s court cases relate to 100,000 euros which could have been approved by Council, but they preferred to take him to court instead.

We also face the ridiculous situation where the Mayor and 4 Councillors think that they can manage the municipality. They couldn’t do it with 12, but apparently, with 5 they will manage just fine. We need stable government back in Mijas. Nozal has demonstrated that he can bring exactly that.

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