Mijas: No longer a Democracy

Over the last three and a half years, there has barely been a week without some drama or other. This last week has been no exception with news of the Minimum wage scheme not being paid on time and the failure to pay the corresponding Social Security.

What may be more disturbing is the contracting of new staff (not Civil servants) to assist the 5 councillors in government to do their job. It is easy to see why they can’t. Firstly, they have been unable to do their job for the last 3 years, so why start now? Secondly, with over 800 staff and 70 departments, even extremely able people would struggle. Our 5 Ciudadanos Councillors certainly have not demonstrated their ability so far. Where does this leave the democratic process if not in a shambles? The very name of the Party “Ciudadanos” means the “Citizens” Party. They came on a platform of transparency and involvement. How can they possibly say that they are maintaining democracy when there are twice as many hand picked, unelected consultants running the Council than there are Councillors. At the same time, the elected Councillors, of which there are 20, and who represent 83% of the Voters, are sitting on the sidelines unable to do anything but present motions which will never see the light of day under this administration.

Mijas is paralysed yet the C’s Quintet is now presenting proposals in the 3 months running up to the elections. Just more smoke and mirrors for the gullible.

Mijas currently has 109 million euros in the bank. That is a good thing, you might say. Actually, No, it is not. This money represents tax payer’s money which has been collected and not spent. In 2018 they only managed to spend 70% of their budget. This means that the Mijas Budget is getting smaller each year given that new budgets are based on actual spend from the previous year. On top of this, Mijas starts 2019 with 2 million to be paid from the budget due to no contracts being in place for essential services. But if course, no budget has been presented so no one knows what that means in reality. But what we do know is that once this money is in the bank there are severe restrictions about what it can be spent on. It cannot be used for projects which produce on going costs, limiting greatly, how, and on what it can be spent.

Meanwhile, Mijas is an abandoned child desperately waiting for its guardian to return. Nozal will be back in May 2019 with your support.

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