The chaos in Mijas continues

Renta Basica workers not paid on time in January

It has been revealed that the Renta Basica workers were not paid on time in January. The Renta Basica, which is a minimum wage scheme for unemployed people who are not eligible for benefits, employs some 300 people. They were informed that their salaries would be paid on 100th February. Bearing in mind that these are people with very few financial resources, it presents a major problem for many. It is also likely that Mijas will receive yet another fine, this time for 7,500 euros for nonpayment of Social Security for the same workers.

This had to be added to almost 500,000 euros of fines which the Maldonado government has accumulated over the past two years for various infractions including giving Renta Basica workers to the beer company sponsoring the Padel tournament last summer.

Other concerns expressed in recent days relates to the way the 5 Councillors running the Mijas government are using public resources. They now have around 10 “cargos de confianza” which are hand picked professionals, hired to do what the councillors cannot. One recently appointed person is a specialist in elections, and it is thought that they may be using public funds to support their election campaign.

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