Nozal calls for explanations over unpaid Invoices

Two million euros unpaid in 2018

Ángel Nozal has called for an extraordinary Council Meeting to hold the Mijas Government (5 Ciudadanos Councillors) to account for the 2 million euros presented at the first Council Meeting in 2019 in unpaid invoices which will now have to be paid from the 2019 budget.

It appears that the vast majority of these invoices remain unpaid due to the absence of contracts for many basic services, such as Vodafone, Electricity, the Post Office, and maintenance services.

During last year Mijas experienced several power cuts to essential Council Services, and also to the Equine Veterinary Service based at the now abandoned Racetrack (Hipódromo). Several Urbanisations also reported cuts in their street lighting which is paid for by the Council since Nozal contacted these services during his time in Office.

We know that during 2018 up to 22 lifts in public buildings were out of service at the same time including the famous panoramic lift in Mijas Pueblo. There are no maintenance contracts in place for these. This caused major disruption for residents with reduced mobility, the elderly, and for parents with small children. The PP is demanding explanations for this unacceptable situation.

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