The presumption of Innocence

This article is not original, and I am grateful to Lawyer, José Carlos Aguilera, for his outstanding analysis of where the Ciudadanos mentality is leading us. The first part of this article summarises and paraphrases his excellent article. We saw this happen, first in Mijas, and now in Malaga, Almeria, and in other parts of Spain. Aguilera states that it is true that there are politicians who have broken the law, and that it is necessary that all politicians learn the meaning of words like democracy, integrity, and good practice. But there is now a movement which tramples on people’s rights with impunity, by taking away the presumption of innocence from those who are accused of wrong doing. Whilst bad political practices damage the democratic system and negatively affect the confidence of the public, demanding resignation simply because of an accusation assumes guilt which takes away the most important thing for his/her defense – presumption of innocence. Guilt is predetermined when an individual is compelled to resign from public office.

Those who shamelessly proclaim the guilt of innocents, and who promote the politicisation of justice, are guilty of an open violation of basic human rights. And worst of all is the irreversible damage done to the reputation, honour, and personal dignity of the innocent. En route they also confuse the public, create lack of confidence in the democratic system and increase the perception of corruption. Whilst there is no judicial decision declaring your guilt how we ignore the Declaration of Universal of Human Rights (1948)?

“Every person accused of crime
Is to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, according to the law and in public court in which they have been assured all the guarantees necessary for their defense”.

Ciudadanos, this new party; clean and unsullied because they have never done anything, come onto the political scene and start a very dirty insidious game to create ‘The Accused’, and then demand their resignation in order to remove them from the political pool. The do not care what impact their nefarious activities have on their victims, and their victims’ families so long as their chances of winning are improved. 8 charges have been brought against Angel Nozal, and other charges against some of his follow councillors, compiled by a secret group passing confidential documents between themselves in order to invent charges against them. These are not the kind of people I wish to have in charge of my municipality: dishonest, unscrupulous, deceitful and unprincipled. These people do not belong in politics, nor in civilised society.

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