Nozal outlines his plans for the Animals of Mijas

I owe this to the animals of Mijas, and will see it through

Last week Angel Nozal met with Animal Welfare groups, one of several meetings he has had over the last 2 years, and afterwards he outlined what his plans are for after May 2019.

Nozal said in a statement that he regrets not having been able to do more in his 4-year mandate. “We have been meeting with these groups for some months now to try to reach agreement about what types of measures are necessary to improve the quality of life for the Mijas Animals: to guarantee their welfare and rights within our municipality.”

Nozal’s proposals include the setting up of a unit within the Council dedicated to animal welfare issues. Nozal continues, “This is an ambitious project which will seek to guarantee the wellbeing of all animals in Mijas and will be integrated into the other Council departments. The Council should be on top of this matter. We will depend on the advice and agreement of the animal welfare organisations to draw up sensible bye laws to reinforce animal protection.

It goes without saying that the Mijas Donkeys will feature heavily in any developments regarding the animals.

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