Who is in charge of Mijas?

Bill Anderson, Mijas Matters

It is just over 12 weeks to the elections. Mijas is without a government and has been since the beginning of the year. Of course. Mayor Maldonado claims that he and his 4 councillors are capable of managing the third largest council in Malaga province with his hand-picked Politburo of unelected officials which outnumbers the councilors 2 to one. But I think that those of us who live here know different. I will restrain myself from simply drawing up a list of all the “sins” of omission or of commission of the Ciudadanos government; there is plenty of information out there already and many of you have experienced first hand the things that are not in order.

I want to raise the issues of “cargos de confianza”. Who or what are these people? They are hand picked and appointed individuals who are there to advise the government team and are, of course, paid for by the Mijas taxpayers.

I have no problem with this in principle. Even a majority government of 13 councillors is unlikely to have between them all the skills necessary to manage 70 Municipal Departments, so they are permitted by law to contract “outsiders” to assist them on the grounds that the services provided will run more smoothly and more efficiently. My question is this: is it right to employ two handfuls of people whose main skills are making people look good, or manipulating the press, or managing election campaigns?
We were made aware of an incident just last week at the Mijas Communication channel. These are Council Employees. Apparently, Maldonado’s Press Advisor, grabbed the microphone out of the hand of a journalist who was formulating a question for Maldonado. This has been confirmed by staff. This is so wrong on so many levels.
Firstly, these “Cargos de Confianza” are not permitted to give orders to Council workers.

Secondly, Mayor Maldonado seems to have forgotten that he is accountable to the people and he should reconsider his fitness to govern if questions to him have to be censored. Freedom of the press? No way! Not when his personal Press Officer is interfering in the journalistic process.

Finally, how many of these very expensive positions are working for Mijas as opposed to working for Maldonado and Ciudadanos? None! They are all working for Maldonado and Ciudadanos at our expense. They are his propaganda machine and are contributing nothing to the people of Mijas. Personally, I would rather be less informed and see more tangible results in Mijas.

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