Proposals for reviving the Mijas Racetrack

After years of neglect there are possibilities ahead

The Mijas Racecourse, the Hipódromo, has been lying abandoned, vandalised, and rotting for 4 years now. Last week Angel Nozal and Mijas Matters attended a presentation from a local company which would like to see it converted into the Largest Sports complex in Europe.

They are proposing 5 football pitches which could be used for training by professional teams, along with accommodation to house them, 16 Padel courts which could also host world level tournaments, a covered Olympic sized swimming pool, equestrian activities including Show Jumping and equinetherapy.

Nozal is very clear that a project of this size would have to be run and managed by a specialist private company who would rent or lease the land from the Council. According to the company there is already a lot in interest from European Football Teams in such a complex. The Mijas public would also benefit from the facilities.

This is just an example of the type of use the Racetrack could be put to and it would certainly put Mijas on the world Sporting map but, of course, in the end such use would need to be out to public tender.

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