The ‘Errors’ of Ángel Nozal

Why should we support this man?

Nozal has freely admitted that he made errors of judgement over the past few years, so where does it start?

Probably at the 2015 elections. Nozal’s work during his mandate was primarily to bring financial stability to Mijas having inherited 70 million euros in debt. Sure, he undertook some of the biggest projects Mijas has ever seen: the Boardwalk and the remodelling of the roads around the Market Ground of La Cala. These road works were underway right into 2015 and they did bring some level of disruption and inconvenience. The Nozal team were busy working for Mijas right up to the elections and some criticised him for not doing enough election campaigning. His error was to think that the electorate would turn out to vote for him because of the improvements he made to Mijas. He still won but lost his absolute majority.

He made Maldonado Mayor! Nozal says that he looks in the mirror every day and tells himself, “You did this! You are to blame for this!” So, why did he do it? He did it for Mijas. With the numbers of councillors each party had he wanted to avoid three parties getting together and creating an unworkable Tripartite government. So, when he approached Ciudadanos, their condition was that Maldonado become Mayor. Nozal was thinking of Mijas and agreed because all he wanted was for Mijas to move forward. The rest, as they say, is history.

When confronted in a Council Meeting by Maldonado who claimed that Mijas’ biggest problem was Nozal, Nozal in all sincerity said to Maldonado, “How much are you willing to sacrifice for Mijas? If Nozal is the problem, let’s you and I both go to the Secretary’s Office now, and both resign. That way You get rid of Nozal.” Maldonado refused!

He made the error of doing things for Mijas, such as building small offices for 2 Neighbourhood Associations, building some Post boxes for Rural Communities, concreting some rural roads to improve emergency services access in case of wildfires. He also made the error of saving Mijas 80,000 euros in the building of these offices. Maldonado has taken him to court for all these errors and the Court Cases are pending.

Political parties aside, I have met very few people who do not value the work done by Angel Nozal and his team between 2011 and 2015, but he made the error of thinking that actions would speak louder than words and that people would bother to turn up to vote in May 2015.

Will he make any errors in the future? “If it is for the good of Mijas, probably,” he replied, “but I won’t make the Maldonado error again, trust me.” Decide for yourself.

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