Mijas needs change

It is a sad day when the Mayor of Mijas considers it more important to attend a ceremony to give a name the brass donkey in Mijas Pueblo than to convene a meeting which he agreed to: namely, the cross party commission to examine what has been happening with contracts for services in Mijas and which has resulted in Millions of euros paid late or not paid at all.

On top of only 45% of the budget being spent for 2018, only 7% of the money earmarked for investment in major infrastructural projects was spent. Tax payers paid their full 100% of taxes and surely, they have the right to expect that this money is put to good use: not to accumulate in a bank account where it can no longer be spent on the necessary projects or day to day costs that Mijas needs. Mijas is sitting with over 100 million euros in the bank, yet the streets are dirty, the rubbish collection is a disaster, welfare payments and vouchers for food are taking months to process, security is a serious concern, people are being dismissed from their posts and replaced by untrained, unskilled Ciudadanos supporters, Council workers are complaining about the leadership vacuum, the Unions are up in arms on a regular basis for changes to their members working conditions without any consultation.

Decisions are approved by majority at Council Meetings and then not carried out by the diminutive government team. Mijas cannot survive in a culture where the President of the Council says ‘yes’ to everyone, and then does nothing, hoping that everyone will forget.

I am sure the now government team of 5 people will be presenting their election manifesto shortly. How can we believe anything they say when they have had the opportunity and the money to carry out everything in their manifesto supported by a pact in which they had the second largest party by the short and curlies obeying their every command?

The new politics promised by Ciudadanos has been nothing but smoke and hot air. Incompetence, intransigence, inability, inexperience, arrogance, total lack of transparency, and not listening to the people are their more positive traits. The rest will come to the surface in time. Ciudadanos may be doing well on a national platform, but in Mijas they have already signed their own political death warrants by their disastrous management of Mijas.

On the current Mijas Political scene there is only one man who has demonstrated his ability to manage and to govern and has shown that he can put a team together to meet Mijas’ needs and to put Mijas first: Angel Nozal.

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