Nozal commits to make Mijas work again

Nozal will present his list and his proposals for Mijas on 23rd March

Mijas has been plagued with chaos over the last years and Angel Nozal has pledged that he will get Mijas operating again as it should if he wins the elections on 26th May of this year.

At the last Council Meeting, on 4th March, it was revealed that the Maldonado government only managed to spend 45% of the 2018 budget and that suppliers were waiting 52 days for payment when the legal limit is 30 days. This latter situation has been a constant pattern during his mandate, now running at 43 consecutive months of late payment to suppliers.

Mijas has experienced power cuts, disruption to postal services, and cuts in communication which also affected Police radios because of late payment and contracts for services which have not been renewed.

Nozal has already demonstrated his ability to manage Mijas and he is clear that starting a new mandate without the 70 million euro debt which he inherited and paid off in his last mandate, means that he will be able to hit the ground running.

He will present his plans for getting Mijas back on track when he presents his candidates list at the Las Lagunas Theatre on 23rd March, at 12:00h.

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